19. July 2016 - 28. July 2016

Lev Valdemarovich Nussberg was born in 1937 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. He founded the Dvizheniye group (1962-78), and is considered to be the founder of Russian Kinetic art. The aim of the group was to create an artificial “bio-kinetic environment” (Igrovye Bioniko-Kineticheskie Sistemy). The group made its manifesto, “Manifesto of the Russian Kinetics” in 1966, and created an artistic legacy of vast importance with their kinetic sculptures, cybernetic installations and projects. He also founded the group Dynamik in Leningrad. Nussberg emigrated to Germany in 1976. Since 1980, he lives and works in Orange, Connecticut, USA.


Behind the Scenes


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