30. June 2016 - 06. July 2016

Katalin Ladik was born in 1942 Novi Sad, Serbia. She was a member of the  Bosch+Bosch Group. Parallel to her written poems she also creates sound poems and visual poems, performance art, writes and performs experimental music and audio plays. She explores language through visual and vocal expressions, as well as movement and gestures. Her work includes collages, photography, records, performances and happenings in both urban and natural environments. With her performances, she uses visual language and everyday objects to critique the position of women. She lives and work in Budapest, Hungary.


Behind the Scenes


  1. Šivaći stroj Bagat završio u muzeju http://www.zadarskilist.hr/clanci/14062017/sivaci-stroj-bagat-zavrsio-u-muzeju
  2. Katalin Ladik: Sounds of "Bagat" sewing machine translated into the visual http://www.regionalexpress.hr/site/more/projekt-umjetnik-na-odmoru-okuplja-vodee-svjetske-avangardne-umjetnike