Eulàlia GRAU

21. July 2018 - 26. July 2018

Eulàlia Grau was born in 1946 in Terrassa, Spain. We was one of pioneers of feminist art in Spain. After her studies, she began working in the medium of collage to send a strong social and political messege. She uses news and advertisement clippings to show media manipulation and the power struggles of the sexes. Her work from the „Etnografies“ series (1972 – 1974) references consumption, violance and societal power. Serigraphs from the „La cultura de la mort“ (Culture of Death) series, created in 1975, are concerned with violence, and „El cost de la vida“ (The Cost of Life), 1977 – 1979, is a cartography of the stages of capitalism. In her photomontages, collages and video works, she often uses juxtaposition in which she places situating symbols of poverty, crime and injustice beside icons of popular culture.


Behind the Scenes